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We Provide Exceptional Value 


In an increasingly complex regulatory market, our firm has the unique ability to navigate, manage, and expedite the approval and permit process for our clients.  


Our Process

While our design capabilities have no boundaries, our passion is custom infill residential projects, boutique town-homes, multi-unit residences as well as private clubhouses and recreational facilities. Our comprehensive architectural services include conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documentation, permitting and approvals, contractor bidding and/or negotiating and construction contract administration.  Whether you're looking for construction-ready drawings or full project management, Hicks Design Studio can uniquely tailor our expertise to your needs.    



Step 1: Initial Client Meeting

This discussion gives a starting point from which we can interpret a unique response to your house goals. 


Step 2: Programming Phase

In-depth discussion of your wish list as well as an overall approach and understanding of how you live in your home.


Step 3: Schematic Design

Development of preliminary design concepts including floor plans and front elevation. 


Step 4: Final Design Drawings, Preliminary Budgeting and Ongoing Approvals

Detailed developed drawings of your new home including 3D renderings.


Step 5: Construction drawings, Coordination of all Consultants, Organization of Permit Ready Drawings

These drawings include exterior details required for construction and also encompass interior floor plan layouts, reflected ceiling plans, lighting plans, building sections etc.  Working drawings are adequate for obtaining building permits.


Step 6: Permits and Approvals (Site plan approval, building permit, the committee of adjustments, conservation authority, urban forestry, heritage study if applicable)

Our firm has the specialized ability to expedite the approvals and permit process. During this stage, we will work to obtain all the necessary permits and required municipal approvals for your new space.  


Step 7: Construction

Contractor bidding, ongoing project management with our Architectural Technologists and the builder.


Step 8: Interior Design Services – Optional Service

Ongoing project management with our team of professionals and one of our dedicated interior design partners. Permit drawings do not include interior details such as wainscoting, panelling, trims, ceiling details, cabinet details etc.  These are typically completed under a separate contract subject to the involvement of an interior decorator.


Our Mission


With aspiring clients and committed builders we listen, analyze, design, and collaborate to deliver compelling and appropriate architecture



Full Creative & Design Suite


Whether you're in the market for a full design turn-key solution or construction-ready drawings, Hicks Design Studio is prepared to tailor to your needs. 



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